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Now There’s a Motörhead Christmas Sweater, Too

  • Axl Rosenberg

First, Victory Records started making Christmas sweaters for some of their artists, including Emmure and Otep. Then Slayer started making Christmas sweaters of their own. Most recently, Metallica have gotten into the holiday spirit, announcing their own line of fashions for Jesus’ birthday.

Now Motörhead fans can get in on the act, too! Shredders Knit Apparel now offers the Killed by Death Knit Skull Sweater for the low, low price of just… eighty dollars. Hm. At least they look reasonably cool… by ironic metal-themed holiday sweater standards, that is.

motorhead_1024x1024motorhead xmas sweater 1Motorhead xmas sweater 2

I don’t think these were officially sanctioned by the band, and honestly, I’m not entirely sure how they’re legal (Is that skull not a copyrighted image? Shredders also offers an unofficial Wu-Tang Clan sweater… that “W” logo must be under copyright, right?). But fret not! If giving someone money for bootleg merch bothers you, Shredders also makes a variety of metal-friendly, but not band-specific, holiday sweaters, including ones feature Krampus, Baphomet, and a black metal snowman, complete with an inverted cross and a burning church:

black metal snowmanbaphomet_1024x1024 krampus_1024x1024

So, like I said, very pricey, but by the standards of these ironic wardrobe items, pretty cool looking. Alas, Urban Outfitters doesn’t carry them yet, but you can order ’em here.

Thanks: James B.

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