Alestorm Want You, Alestorm Want You, Alestorm Want You As a New Recruit

  • Axl Rosenberg

Alestorm, the Scottish metal group that dresses up like pirates, have covered “In the Navy” by The Village People, the American group that dressed up as every generic kids’ Halloween costume except a pirate. And though you might that think that “In the Navy” couldn’t get any goofier, you’d think wrong: once you toss in uncouth pirate metal and a thick Scottish brogue, the whole thing launches far beyond the goofisphere.

So what would be the obvious thing to do for the video? Well, duh.

The Alestorm People

And while I appreciate Alestorm’s attempt to avoid the obvious, the video they ended up producing really isn’t entertaining. It’s just one of those typical “life on the road” clips you see ten times a week. It’s meant to promote Live at the End of the World, so I get why they went with that old chestnut of a concept, the band’s upcoming DVD/CD package, but still, surely, there must have been SOME better idea for this clip, right?

Live at the End of the World comes out November 15 on Napalm.

[via Metal Underground]

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