Watch This Insane Live Video of Meshuuuuugahhhhhhhh!!! Playing “Rational Gaze” in a Small Club


Call to mind the last time you saw Meshuggah play live, possibly on one (or both) of their two recent North American tours in 2012 and 2013. That was pretty fucking epic, right? Thousands of people swaying, bobbing, pulsating, all in sync with the band’s tightly tuned light show and immaculate sound. The whiskey and/or weed you consumed probably didn’t hurt. Now imagine all of the above (minus the “thousands of people” part) in a tiny club full of die-hards that had to fight to get access to this very special show. Now imagine said tiny club full of die-hards in Umeå, Meshuggah’s hometown, at the far northern reaches of Sweden!! And, finally, now imagine the insane Meshuggah show in a tiny club in Umeå in the darkest dark of winter!!! Mind = blown.

Fortunately you won’t have to imagine all that hard because you can see exactly what such a show was like through the above video footage, shot at last year’s Toontrack Metal Month kick off party. It’s not quite like being there, but it’s the next best thing.

This year’s edition of Toontrack’s Metal Month is right around the corner — the makers of Superior Drummer, EZMix, the “Metal Guitar Gods” expansion pack and all sorts of other plugin goodies for your audio recording setup are kicking off the 2013 edition with a livestream of a Soilwork concert in Umeå this Friday, November 1st, after which they’ll begin rolling out a whole new suite of metal-focused products. is the place to catch it all. Watch the trailer below:

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