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Exmortus - Immortality

Exmortus are one of the best thrash-ish bands this side of the year 2000. For whatever reason they’ve flown mostly under the radar while bands that have a similarly proggy, death metally, thrashy sound — like, oh, let’s say Revocation, or even Sylosis — have experienced much greater success. Why no love for Exmortus? I can think of at least two reasons: 1) Not enough touring, 2) Record label Heavy Artillery hasn’t given them the push they needed.

So it’s good news that both of the above problems are about to be fixed: 1) They landed a sweet tour with Omnium Gatherum and Dark Tranquillity in February and they’re out on the road right now with Hatchet, 2) They’ve signed with the much more heavily armed Prosthetic Records for their next album (and, presumably, beyond).

Let me tell you something: you are going to love this band! Stream their new single “Immortality Made Flesh” belowvia Metal Injection [and also on Bandcamp] and I bet you’ll be craving more. It’s part of a limited edition 7″ with a Judas Priest cover on the B side that you can order here. And there’s a full-length album on the way in February via the band’s new record label, which I personally guarantee is going to rock your socks off. Listen and watch them jam,

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