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More New Puig Destroyer: “First to Third”


Puig Destroyer - Wait for Spring

Some young whipersnipper named Ian posted the lyrics to the new Puig Destroyer song “Play the Game the Right Way” in the comments yesterday. Band member Ian Miller? Quite possibly! Here they are:

your racist shit
sickens me to death

you ignorant, white fucks
how can you be so oblivious?

play the game the right way,
you mean the white way


So that oughtta clear up any confusion as to whether the song was defending or chastising Yasiel Puig for that now-famous base-running blunder. I mean, I guess that’s one way of putting it… playing the game “the right way” is in many ways kinda “the white way.” But if Puig hustles out of the box on that one does he end up with an inside-the-park homer, and is that the difference between losing and winning the NLCS? I’d say it’s very possible given how easily he coasted into third base with a stand-up triple. The white way my ass! But I suppose that’s how Puig himself views it, and Puig Destroyer have certainly captured that. I love this band.

So: here’s another new Puig Destroyer song called “First to Third.” Another reference to the above incident? Seems plausible, but I can’t understand any of the lyrics outside of the refrain because grindcore. Here it is, via Decibel:

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