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The New Adrenaline Mob Songs Rips Off Sevendust


Adrenaline Mob - Men of Honor

I can’t imagine it was intentional in any way shape or form, but the new [now Mike Portnoy-less] Adrenaline Mob song “Come On Get Up” sounds a whole lot like a mash-up of two songs from Sevendust’s 2003 album Seasons, “Suffocate” and perennial set-closer “Face to Face.” Adrenaline Mob’s nu-metal leanings aren’t unsurprising given the fact that Disturbed’s bass player and this guy play in the band, but it’s a bit of as bummer hearing Symphony X’s Russell Allen stoop to the level of such immature lyrics. Oh well, what can you do. Here’s the Adrenaline Mob cut:

And here are the two Sevendust songs in question:

Amirite or amirite? The Adrenaline Mob cut has the tempo, rhythm and similar melodies of “Suffocate” with the silly lyrics of “Face to Face.”

That said, it’s not all that bad of a song, although it’s also nothing particularly special. Fairly catchy, standard hard rock, I guess. With Portnoy no longer in the band I wonder whether the album will stick?

And yes, one of the Sevendust fanboys here at the MetalSucks Mansion just copped to their lyrics being immature and silly. Yuck it up, but I’m sure if you asked Morgan Rose today about the inspiration behind “Face to Face” he’d say the same.

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