Video: Otep Shamaya Recites Poetry Without a Top


And why, pray tell, did Otep Shamaya film herself reciting a spoken word piece called “Thots”* while topless? Well… she got our attention, didn’t she?

The video is below… it’s actually a year-and-a-half old, but it hadn’t come to my attention before Shamaya tweeted it yesterday. I guess it should be considered NSFW, although you don’t see any nipple which, in America at least, is how we seem to judge what is or is not a bare boob.

*Psst, Ms. Shamaya, if you’re reading this, I just thought you should know that that is not how you spell the word “thoughts.” Don’t be embarrassed, it’ll be our little secret this time… just consult with a dictionary in the future, okay?

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