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New Grand Magus = Manowar



The lyrics for the new Grand Magus song “Steel Versus Steel” are as completely ridiculous as its title.

And they are absolutely perfect. Please, Grand Magus, more songs like this!

Grand Magus have always had a little bit of a power metal streak, but they always struck me more as a trad-metal revival group. Maybe the production aesthetic has kept them grounded. But damn, “Steel Versus Steel” is a power metal song dressed up in trad metal clothing if ever there was one! The pace is a bit slower and more deliberate than most of what would pass for modern power metal these days, but the production/mixing is way spruced up here; this thing is one step away from Judas Priest and two steps away from Manowar. And I’m absolutely loving it. It’s stuck in my head after just one listen. Steel versus steel, baby! So epic. Listen here.

Last but not least: dat band photo! A true tribute.

The track comes from Triumph And Power, out January 31 via Nuclear Blast.

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