Twelve Foot Ninja Take Revenge on Internet Trolls in Hilarious New Music Video


“Ain’t That a Bitch” might be one of the least heavy tracks on Silent Machine, but that hasn’t stopped Twelve Foot Ninja from making a gory, twisted and often hilarious new music video to accompany it in which the band takes revenge on Internet trolls. I’m sure everyone can relate. The video starts out innocently enough, but just keeps elevating and elevating until… well, you’ll see.

This is the video that the band made for $52,600 Australian Dollars (about $48,000 USD) that they were able to source from a very successful crowd-funding campaign. And boy did the band ever make it worthwhile to those who pledged money, pulling out all the stops and delivering an absolutely amazing final product. There are all sorts of special effects and props, the band called in a prosthetics make-up artist who worked on The Hobbit, and members of Periphery appear in the video’s triumphant final scene. A++++ WDBWA video all around!

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