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The Path of Apotheosis: Inferi Are Very Scary


Inferi - The Path of Apotheosis

To the reader known only as “A.K.”: I owe you a beer, sir. Prior to your communiqué I hadn’t received a single e-mail about this Nashville’s Inferi, and I had no idea that their new album, The Path of Apotheosis, even existed. And my life was all the poorer for it. This band should crowdfund enough money to hire a publicist!

So… Inferi’s The Path of Apotheosis. Holy shit, this album is kicking my ass. It’s technical melodeath that the Summer Slaughter crowd would eat up, the kind of metal that both irrefutably demonstrates the link between extreme music and classical music. But the songs, although intricate, are not impenetrable. It owes a big debt to both Carcass and Puritanical-era Dimmu Borgir, but doesn’t feel derivative of either. If they can pull this shit off live, they’re gonna be everyone’s new favorite band.

I’d write more, but honestly, all I wanna do is listen to this motherfucker. And the band has other albums I haven’t even cracked yet! What if they’re ALL this good? I could disappear down the Inferi hole for a week.

The Path of Apotheosis is out now on The Artisan Era. You can (and should) stream it below and purchase it here. It’s also available on Spotify.

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