Defiler are Back, Still the Kings of Derpy Facial Expressions


defiler1 defiler2

If there’s one thing you know a new Defiler video is going to be good for it’s derpy facial expressions from the singer. Nothing will ever top this classic, but the video for the brand new Defiler song “The Lazarus Sign / Hollow Bastion” (because combining two songs into one is a sign the band is getting super-srs now!) has plenty of facial expressions for the ages, with the guitarist, drummer and plenty of fans getting in on the action too, because someone at their record label smartly released this is the band’s single greatest selling point. (I don’t mean that as a knock — it’s genius marketing!)

Further proof Defiler are “growing up” — neck tattoos, a romancy video plot, and, in what I think is a first for Defiler (although honestly I don’t know) a clean-sung chorus! Inb4 cries of “sellouts!” rattle the band’s cage, after which they inevitably release a “heavy” record circa 2016 about which they triumphantly declare they’re “getting back to their roots.”

Defiler’s forthcoming self-released EP The Lazarus Sign will be out at some point in the near future.

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