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Chevelle: Still a Thing

  • Axl Rosenberg

ChevelleSo I got this press release about how Chevelle have released a new lyric video for a song called “Take Out the Gunman,” to which I naturally reacted, “Holy shit, Chevelle are still around?” Granted, I was never a fan, but I sincerely thought that this band, much like their pain, went down below a long time ago.

ANYWAY, the song certainly sounds like it’s arrived about fifteen years too late, but it’s actually not, like, the worst thing ever. Vocalist Will N. Otlookuphisname, sounds very Maynard-ish, and it’s, y’know, recognizable as a song, which is more than I can say for anything ever written by by like 95% of all the other crap I’ll have to listen to today.

So… yeah.

“Take Out the Gunman” will appear on Chevelle’s La Gorgonzola, which comes out April 1. Wait wait wait… April 1? Huh. Maybe Chevelle aren’t still a thing, and this is all just a practical joke?

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