The New Green Goblin from Amazing Spider-Man 2 Looks Just Like Beavis


Earlier this week, images of the new incarnation of Spider-Man villain The Green Goblin from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 found their way out into the world, and nerds across the net immediately made a very interesting observation: he sure does look like a certain beloved caffeine-loving animated metalhead.

Green Goblin Beavis 1

The similarities between the two become even more apparent when you compare the Goblin with the super-creepy “real life” Beavis bust someone made a few years back:

Green Goblin Beavis 2

Funny enough, this iteration of The Green Goblin is played by Dane DeHaan, who was most recently seen in Metallica’s Through the Never.

It’s hard to believe that with literally thousands of people working on this movie, they got through the entire process without anyone noticing the similarities between the two. Or maybe someone noticed and just didn’t have the balls to tell the director.

ANYWAY, The Amazing Spider-Man comes out in May. If this version of the character is motivated by a need for TP for his bunghole, I will not complain.

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