Austrian Death Machine “Prepare To Be Conquered” [by Lambesis Drama]


Austrian Death Machine - Triple Brutal

It’s hard to think about Austrian Death Machine without thinking of the associated taint from Tim Lambesis’ ongoing court case, but the band persists in spite of it. Or maybe because of it! I can’t think of why else an established label like Artery Recordings would scoop in this late in the process than to capitalize on the controversy.

So, here’s “Prepare To Be Conquered,” the first song we’re hearing from Triple Brutal. I’m listening to this and it’s not bad by any means — it’s actually very catchy! And it sounds a lot like As I Lay Dying except for the whole Ahhhnold gimmick — but all I can think about while these notes comes out of my speakers is the fact that the guy screaming conspired to have his wife killed and is about to go to jail for a very long time. The album could be a genius-level masterwork on the level of Reign in Blood or Master of Puppets or Heartwork or End of Heartache and it still wouldn’t matter because all I’d be able to think about is “Lambesis Lambesis Lambesis.” Is that wrong? I know it’s terribly unfair to the other band members but that’s just where my brain is at right now.

Triple Brutal comes out on April 1st. Sentencing on the Lambesis case will come on May 2nd.

[via The PRP]

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