Blake Judd Releases a Plethora of Nachtmystium News


Well well well! I guess Blake Judd woke up this morning and was feeling chatty — ’cause he’s taken to Facebook to bestow upon a fans a shit ton of info on the new, final Nachtmystium album.

First, Judd released this appropriately-bleak album art by Brooke Witchery

New Nachtmystium Album Art

…and then he took to the comments section, where he finally revealed which other musicians contributed to the record, and even revealed the album’s tentative release date:

Release Date
Blake comment 2 blak fb 2

Finally, Judd had a few less-than-kind words for his former bandmates in Twilight, who recently released their new (and final) album without Judd:

Blake on Twilight Split

Okay, so here’s the thing: I love, love, LOVE Nachtmystium, but by all accounts, Blake Judd is a hot mess. A talented hot mess, sure, but a hot mess. He releases information (and, uh, sometimes music) without first consulting with his label, he makes bandmates feel uneasy (to put it mildly)… he’s got a lot of issues, y’know? So I would not put that release date into my calendar before Nachtmystium’s label, Century Media, confirms it; nor would I assume that the other members of Twilight kicked Judd out of the group because of “their true colors” or whatever.

That being said… I am excited to hear this Nachtmystium album, whenever it comes out. After all — whatever it is Judd is struggling with, it’s never hurt the quality of his art in the past. We’ll let you know more as soon as we do.

Thanks: Stephen P.

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