Dave Mustaine’s Pants Are Burning



Reader Shane G. sent us a link to a recent episode of comedian Jay Mohr’s Mohr Stories podcast, which featured one Mr. Dave Mustaine as the special guest. Shane thought it was pretty funny that during the course of the interview, Mustaine admits he will no longer play “The Conjuring” because he used to practice black magic (specifically, he says he used it to both hurt an enemy and get himself laid), and he doesn’t wanna be anywhere near that shit anymore. And Shane is right — that is a pretty dumb reason to no longer play “The Conjuring.” But it’s also old news — Mustaine has never kept his reasons for refusing to play that song a secret.

The Mohr Stories appearance does offer some new news, however — specifically, that Dave Mustaine has now gone from claiming that some of his past comments have been “misunderstood” to just outright lying about those comments.

First, Mustaine says that “I keep my beliefs really personal and private,” thereby demonstrating a complete lack of understanding as to what the word “private” means. This guy has done more public preaching than Jimmy Swaggart. Dave Mustaine has kept his beliefs about God and morality about as private as I’ve kept my beliefs about Dave Mustaine being a yutz.

But it gets worse! Around the twenty-eight minute mark, Mohr asks Mustaine how he found God. Mustaine doesn’t really answer the question, though; instead, he offers this total garbage bullshit assertion:

“I think being a Christian has a bad name. I think that when you say you’re a Christian, people think that you’re anti-gay, which I’m not. I’m not gay, so… When the question came up that started all this, someone had said ‘What do you think I think about gay rights?”, and I said, “Dude, I’m a heterosexual man, I’m married. The gay rights fight doesn’t have anything to do with me.’ So, being a shitty station up in… well I won’t say where it’s at… the guy said that I was anti-gay, and I’m not.”

And although I would argue that the fight for minority rights has everything to do with everybody, if that was what Mustaine had said, people wouldn’t have gotten so pissy about it.

But that’s not what Mustaine said! The interviewer at KIRO-FM asked Mustaine if he supports gay marriage, to which he replied, “Well, since I’m not gay, the answer to that would be no.” The interviewer then asked Mustaine if he supported legislation to make marriage legal, and he replied, “I’m Christian. The answer to that would be no.” So he doesn’t support gay marriage, and he doesn’t think it should be legal. That’s not at all saying “it’s not my fight” now, is it?

And, hey, guess what? Mustaine is full of shit when he claims that the interviewer manipulated his words, too! We know this because there is audio of the interview in question (skip to the 6:38 mark):

So, like, what the fuck, dude? Does Mustaine not understand there’s this technology called audio recording? How does he think his music gets out to the masses? Maybe he’s under the impression that it’s all done via black magic.

Or, maybe he’s just a fucking asshole.

You can listen to Mustaine’s Mohr Stories episode below.

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