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Listen to Vae Victus Before IKILLYA


IKILLYA - Vae Victis

In February, we premiered the title track from Vae Victus, the face-breakingly good new album from IKILLLYA; now the entire thing is below, courtesy of Loudwire, and you should listen to it. And I know a lot of you hate me and may be inclined not to listen to it just to spite me, so I’ll give you two good reasons to check it out anyway:

  1. Jeanne Fury gave the album a glowing review in the June issue of Decibel, writing that “IKILLYA temper all their ugly, hulking power with ample grooves, calling to mind Lamb of God, Prong, and Pantera.” Which is no small praise.
  2. Towards the conclusion of the album’s final track, “Last Breath,” you’ll hear me screaming in absolute agony. So that should brighten your day.

So do us both favor: turn your speakers all the way up, and stream Vae Victus below. It’s out now on Megaforce!

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