Tour de Force

Photo: Nader Sadek Unveils Live Stage Attire for Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct)


The death metal conceptual art project (and definitively not a band) Nader Sadek kick off a five-city tour tonight… although calling it a “five city tour” makes it sound like they’re hitting one particular market or something. It’s actually five cities in four countries on two continents. The tour routing reads like the itinerary for a James Bond adventure.

But nothing about Nader Sadek is ever “normal.” That’s part of the reason so many of us dig it, right? It’s singular in an era when few things are.

Also not normal about Nader Sadek: the stage attire for vocalist Travis Ryan. Not that there’s ever really been a time when metal didn’t have performers in interesting, imaginative garbs. But this looks like some next-level shit. I can’t even really tell what it is I’m looking at here — it looks like an alien sneezed really hard and it all somehow went terribly wrong. I can’t figure out where the costume ends and Ryan begins.

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So these shows should be really cool. Definitely don’t miss it if you’re lucky enough to be near one. Dates are below, courtesy of The Deciblog:

5/20 – Montreal, CA @ Le Petit Campus
5/23 – Rome, IT @ Traffic
5/24 – Calenzano, Florence, IT @ Cycle Club
5/25 – Bresciara, IT @ Circolo Colony
5/26 – Martigny, CH @ Sunset Bar
5/27 – Paris, FR @ Le Klub

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