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Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit is Releasing a Solo Jazz Album, and Here’s a Song on it


Chris Letchford - LightboxScale the Summit guitarist and ringleader Chris Letchford first teased a “jazz-inspired solo effort” so long ago that I’d completely forgotten about it. Until the man himself emailed MetalSucks this morning to tell us that it’s done, it’s coming out in July, and that he’s released a song from it for the world to hear. Huzzah!

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Letchford is interested in jazz; he’s an insanely talented guitarist, and it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine Scale the Summit’s intricate, delicate music taken one step further into the experimental realm.

Likewise, it shouldn’t shock anyone to learn that it’s Letchford’s fingers behind the new jam “The Star Boys;” it really does sound a whole lot like Scale the Summit, just jazzier and mellower.

Letchford’s new album Lightbox comes out July 15th and features the following supporting musicians:

Evan Brewer (The Faceless, bass)
Steven Padin (The Reign Of Kindo, drums)
Mark Michell (Scale The Summit, bass)
Daniel Pizarro (The Reign Of Kindo, piano)

Listen to “The Star Boys” below, and get a free instant download of the track if you pre-order it via Bandcamp.

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