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Best Craigslist Ad Ever of the Day: **2ND GUITAR NEEDED – NUMETAL


In case there was any doubt left that the nu-metal revival apocalypse is in full swing, we present you with Initiate, a band from Long Beach, CA (where else?) who are seeking a second guitarist.

By far the best part about Initiate’s Craigslist posting is the fact that the pictures included with the ad are cell phone photos of the above music video playing on a TV. Because taking screen caps on the computer and uploading those was clearly way too difficult!

But the ad is loaded with all sorts of incredible, derpy nuggets! Text below, and screen cap here in case it gets pulled down.

We are a hard rock/numetal group called “Initiate” and looking to add a second guitar player. Currently we have Guitar 1, MPC, Bass and Drums, Lead singer

This is our first single released and we have multiple songs in the works getting ready for the large studio. Were looking for a team member, not just lead and rhythm guitars more like guitar 1 and guitar 2. Not looking for metal shredders. evil hip hop and heavy grooves, heavy alternative. We wanna hear riffs. 

These are our influences – linkin park, hed pe, nonpoint, Korn, Deftones, hip hop / rock. 

If interested please contact us here first.

To our knowledge this is first time any band has listed (hed) p.e. as an influence. Astounding! Proves Sergeant D’s theory that the more obscure third-rate bands no one gives a shit about in their day are the ones who are later heralded as “important” and “influential.” Also these guys should’ve just listed 3rd Strike as their single influence, since they clearly jock that band hard.

Thanks: Kory A.

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