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Here’s Another Song From Scale the Summit Guitarist Chris Letchford’s Jazz Album


Chris Letchford - LightboxScale the Summit mastermind Chris Letchford will be releasing a solo jazz album called Lightbox on July 15th, a concept I can totally get behind: it’s always awesome to see how metal musicians stretch out when they’re not limited by the constraints of what their “day job” band is expected to be, as great as those bands may be. Here’s a list of the musicians contributing to Lightbox, most of which should ring a bell:

Evan Brewer (The Faceless, bass)
Steven Padin (The Reign Of Kindo, drums)
Mark Michell (Scale The Summit, bass)
Daniel Pizarro (The Reign Of Kindo, piano)

In June we got to hear a song called “The Star Boys,” and now we get another one called “Rayless” which comes to us via The PRP. This one sounds less overtly Scale the Summit-y than the first one although the style is still definitely recognizable; it’s almost like a lounge music version of Scale the Summit. I like. Stream:

Order Lightbox via Bandcamp if you like what you hear.

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