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The Release Date for At the Gates’ War with Reality is…

  • Axl Rosenberg

At the Gates Should Make a Reunion AlbumOCTOBER 28!!!

Century Media broke the news via a press release announcing that the band “has just wrapped up recording, mixing and mastering work.” That means there are people listening to At War with Reality right now. Not an unfinished version. The actual, honest-to-Brockie first At the Gates album in almost twenty years.

Being patient for this one is gonna be a total bitch.

Here’s a quote from vocalist Tomas Lindberg:

“We are very excited to finally have finished this new album. An album that we’ve been working on for over a year now. It’s by far the most challenging record that we have made, but it’s an honest album and I think that you will feel that it is faithful to the legacy of AT THE GATES.

“We have, through the process of creating it, been true to ourselves and our art. From hearing the first demos that Anders presented to the band last summer, through the extensive stages of songwriting, pre-production, rehearsals, recording and mixing, we now finally got the finished album in our hands.

“We are very happy to have managed to produce an album that we feel is truly ‘us’. Something we can all stand behind one hundred percent. I can’t wait ’til you all get to hear it!”

Is it October 28 yet?

How about now?

What about now?





Fuck. I’m gonna go drink some Hibernol. Someone wake me up at 11:59 pm on October 27. K thnx.

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