Rivers of Nihil Share the Glorious Life of Touring in Behind-the-Scenes Video of their Crappy Van


Being in a metal band pretty much fucking sucks. Even if you’re at the level of Lamb of God or a small handful of other bands, you spend at least half the year away from your friends and family with the same gross, sweaty dudes, trapped in the limited confines of a bus for hours at a time while eating crap food, and you come home with basically no money… all for the glory of a 40-60 minute set every night.

And then there’s everyone else, the masses of struggling metal bands, who count themselves lucky if they’ve got a decent touring vehicle. “Decent” meaning one that at the very least is comfortable and that runs reliably, which is less common than you’d think.

Unfortunately the economics of playing extreme metal for a living do not always allow for a vehicle in tip-top shape, a reality displayed all too bluntly in this unwittingly hilarious “Bus Invaders” video featuring Rivers of Nihil, whose touring van is, well… let’s just say it’s amazing this thing is still able to get them from Point A to Point B. As their manager, I’m just waiting for the day when the call comes that it’s finally bit the dust… but until then, keep on truckin’!

Catch Rivers of Nihil on tour in September with Black Crown Initiate, then in November and December with Death (DTA Tours), Obituary and Massacre… hopefully.


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