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Varg Vikernes Uses Papyrus Font, Doesn’t Own an Amplifier


varg_table_ampWhy Varg Vikernes is able to create Burzum playthrough videos from the comfort of his own home instead of rotting in a jail cell following his conviction for “inciting racial hatred and exalting war crimes on the Internet” isn’t exactly clear to me.

But that’s exactly what Vikernes has done in a series of three videos that seek to correct the errors of “those who have hitherto covered this track [Burzum’s “Umskiptar”] on YouTube,” proclaimed triumphantly using the font to end all fonts, Papyrus.

Even better, although Vikernes seems to feel the need to arm himself with state-of-the-art assault rifles he apparently can’t be bothered to own even a small practice amplifier into which he can plug his electric guitar. Which is odd because, ya know, he’s a metal musician.

Varg is also quite skilled at humming. Watch:

[via The PRP]

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