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The New Beyond Creation Song May Give You “Neurotical Transmissions”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution

Update: Speaking of Freudian, Vince has pointed out to me that the song is called “Neurotical Transmissions,” not “Nocturnal Transmissions.” I still like my title better, but I apologize for my error!

I’m starting to think there may be a psychosexual theme to Beyond Creation’s new album, Earthborn Evolution — there’s the use of the word “born,” the Giger-esque (read: extremely phallic) cover art, and now a new single called “Nocturnal Transmissions,” which is pun which should not need explaining unless you’re too young to read this website. Come back when you get your peach fuzz.

Regardless of whether or not Beyond Creation are trying to make a statement about sex or I’m just being the child of a Freudian and overthinking it, “Transmissions” is every bit as good as the album’s initial single, “Elusive Reverence,” which did not, as far as I can tell, have any references to fucking. “Transmissions” is one of those songs that reminds me that I’m actually not totally sick of tech-death, I’m just sick of tech-death that isn’t siqq. These dudes clearly understand how to write a song while knocking all the instrument dorks’ panties off.

Also, the song made me ejaculate in my sleep, so that was definitely a bonus.

Stream “Neurotical Transmissions” below, courtesy of RevolverEarthborn Evolution comes out on October 24th; order it here. Catch the band on their currently-in-progress MetalSucks sponsored tour with Origin, King Parrot, and Your Last Chance to Die; dates here!

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