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F*ck the Facts Reach “L’impasse”


Fuck the Facts band photo 2013

Last month, we learned that Canada’s finest grind band, Fuck the Facts, are working on multiple new releases; now we have more info on one of those release, PLUS some new music to enjoy. Huzzah!

The three-song EP Abandoned will be released October 1 via FTF’s own indie label, Noise Salvation (good name!). You’ll be able to get it digitally on Bandcamp, or buy the cassette here.

If you’re as big of a Fuck the Facts fan as I am, you don’t need to hear a note to know that this EP has a 99.9% chance of being a wise investment. But just to whet your appetite a little, the band has also debuted one of Abandoned‘s three tracks, “L’impasse,” which you can stream below. (In case you’re dumb, that’s French for “The Impasse.”) I listened to the song a few times, and now my neck hurts. I’m not saying it will definitely cause whiplash, I’m just warning you to take the proper precautions before you hit “play.” Aight?

And on that note… enjoy!

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