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Exclusive Track Premiere: Hollow Earth’s “World to Come”


HOLLOW cover

Honey, clear the furniture out of the living room, ’cause we’re about to start a massive circle pit!

In the vein of such useyouastheirpunchingbagcore bands as Converge, Nails, and Enabler (with whom they just so happens to share a member), today MetalSucks brings you nut-kicker of an anthem known as Hollow Earth‘s “World to Come.” To call it “a scorcher” and/or “a ripper” would be to undersell; this is the kind of song which will skin you with jagged rocks and then burn you to a crisp. Don’t be surprised if you spit out blood and realize a couple of your teeth are missing when it’s over. This is the glorious sound of brass knuckles causing permanent brain damage.

Go fucking apeshit to “World to Come” below! The track will appear on Hollow Earth’s debut full-length, Silent Graves, which comes out November 11 on Panic Records (and you can check out their previous EP, We Are Not Humanity, via Bandcamp). The band kicks off a tour with Exalt, Run with the Haunted, and KDC next month; get dates here!

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