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Wes Cage + Rings of Saturn = BFFs


Wes Cage bandMisery loves company. Those who play together stay together. Or something.

Whatever cliched saying you choose, it appears as if two members of equally reviled bands in the metal community have teamed up: Rings of Saturn drummer Aaron Stechauner has joined Wes Cage’s band. Three other dudes I’m not previously familiar with have joined the band as well — Brad Jurjens on bass, and Patrick Morton and George Arguello on guitars — rounding out the lineup.

When reached for comment by MetalSucks on the situation, Rings of Saturn founder Lucas Mann offered the following: “Not sure why Wes Cage, with all his familial resources, couldn’t afford to buy EZ Drummer and Guitar Pro to round out his lineup. I mean, clearly no one can tell the difference anyway.”

Wes Cage will release Prehistoric Technology in 2015. In case you forgot what his band sounds like, or missed it in September, here you go (don’t say you weren’t warned):

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