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Religious Protesters Say GWAR’s Dave Brockie is “Burning in Hell”

  • Axl Rosenberg

oderus in hellFred Phelps may be dead, but his spirit is alive and well in these assholes, who froze their asses off this past Saturday night to protest a GWAR show in Spokane, WA:

Thing is — well, besides the fact that there is no such place as Hell (although I’d probably think there was if I lived in Spokane) — I think Dave Brockie would have been the first one to say he was going to Hell. In fact, if it turns out that there is a Hell, we’re pretty much all going there. Dio is already there. Pete Steele is already there. Dime. Hanneman. Burton. Newsted.* So, whatever. At least we’ll have company. Hopefully Satan will reward us for basically being his street team all these years.

In semi-related news, here’s a fun Facebook exchange in which a MetalSucks reader gets into it with a religious friend who is trying to warn him about the evils of metal (I briefly got roped into it, too). It’s long but hilarious.

*Vince has just informed me that Jason Newsted is still alive. I know, I didn’t think it sounded right, either, but I double-checked, and Vince is actually correct. Weird!

[via The PRP]

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