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Religious Protesters Say GWAR’s Dave Brockie is “Burning in Hell”


oderus in hellFred Phelps may be dead, but his spirit is alive and well in these assholes, who froze their asses off this past Saturday night to protest a GWAR show in Spokane, WA:

Thing is — well, besides the fact that there is no such place as Hell (although I’d probably think there was if I lived in Spokane) — I think Dave Brockie would have been the first one to say he was going to Hell. In fact, if it turns out that there is a Hell, we’re pretty much all going there. Dio is already there. Pete Steele is already there. Dime. Hanneman. Burton. Newsted.* So, whatever. At least we’ll have company. Hopefully Satan will reward us for basically being his street team all these years.

In semi-related news, here’s a fun Facebook exchange in which a MetalSucks reader gets into it with a religious friend who is trying to warn him about the evils of metal (I briefly got roped into it, too). It’s long but hilarious.

*Vince has just informed me that Jason Newsted is still alive. I know, I didn’t think it sounded right, either, but I double-checked, and Vince is actually correct. Weird!

[via The PRP]

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