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Veil of Maya Will Release Something on January 1st, 2015


Veil of Maya Has Risen 1.1.15Gee, think Veil of Maya are up to something? Earlier today they posted an image on their Facebook page with the text “1.1.15” in it. That post contained the hashtag #VEILHASRISEN and a link to the below video featuring 0:42 of what sounds like a song intro. Watch and listen:

January 1st seems really soon — only two weeks away! — but Sumerian has done this kind of short release window before with several of their artists. Also: a New Year’s Day album release! I can’t remember that ever happening. Bold. [UPDATE: As several readers have pointed out, January 1st could simply be the release date of a new single. The description in the above YouTube video, however, does tease “NEW ALBUM COMING SOON…” so that can’t be too far off one way or the other. -Ed.]

I’ve always kinda dug the idea of Veil of Maya — they have a truly unique sound and aesthetic — but I feel like they’ve never been able to put it all together into an album full of solid, memorable songs. 2010’s [id] came the closest. I kinda wish they’d just go for it and embrace their pop side a little more, although I’m sure a legion of their fans would feel differently.

This’ll be VoM’s first album featuring their new vocalist, believed to be Lukas Magyar, since Brandon Butler left the band in September. We’ll see how it is soon enough!

Thanks: Stephen P.

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