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Two Fans Hospitalized Following Mosh Pit Stabbing at Cattle Decapitation Concert


cattle decap la habra

UPDATE, 12:52 pm: Reader HBD sent us the below video from last night’s show; you don’t see the stabbing, but you do see the band being asked to cut their set short.

Ugh. Last night’s Cattle Decapitation show at the 13th Frame Lounge in La Habra, CA ended with two fans being hospitalized. What the hell happened? According to Lambgoat:

“Early reports indicate that a man was unhappy after being pushed around in the pit, and retaliated by pulling out a knife and slashing another fan’s neck. Other attendees quickly sprung into action and collectively attacked the knife wielding man, knocking him unconscious.”

Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez, who was present at the show, added via Twitter:

Neither the attacker nor his victim’s injuries are said to be life threatening, which is kind of a miracle, given the vulnerability of the human neck. The attacker will probably be charged with assault. Given that there were apparently no shortage of witnesses, I’d wager he’ll be found guilty, too.

It goes without saying that this is terrible — metal shows are supposed to be a safe place to blow off stream, not the fucking Source Awards. That being said, you gotta give props to those other fans for taking down the attacker. Metal fans may not always have one another’s backs on the message boards, but at least we have one another’s backs when it really counts.

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