Christ, I Hate Nightwish (Or: Band Releases New Video for “Élan”)

  • Axl Rosenberg

suicidal nightwish fanPeople who feel great élan for Nightwish will probably really enjoy the band’s new video and single, titled, appropriately enough, “Élan.” Personally, I don’t get it. The theatrical stuff they do is no sillier than the theatrical stuff done by any number of metal bands I do enjoy, so that’s not really my beef with them (although I will say that their high school drama club-style approach to this theatricality is ridiculous — Floor Jansen always looks like she’s auditioning to either be on Saved by the Bell or the mom in a Sunny D commercial). It’s just that I’ve never heard a Celine Dion song and thought, “Wow, if this had slightly heavier guitars and even more tin whistle, I might not wanna gouge my ear drums out.”

Watch “Élan” below if you’ve ever wished metal videos were more like television ads for anti-depressants. The song will appear on Nightwish’s new album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, which comes out March 31 on Nuclear Blast.

[via Metal Underground]

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