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Solitary Son is Out of Jail, Wrote an Entire Album in the Slammer


solitarymanYou guys remember Solitary Son, right? We first became intrigued by the solo instrumentalist the Australian authorities call “Lizard Man” when his music video for “All Our Yesterdays” took the metalnets by storm around this time last year. It was his follow-up video for “In Memory of Us,” though, that was an instant classic and instantly endeared the guy to all inhabitants of the MS Mansion.

But chances are you haven’t heard much from Solitary Son lately: he done got locked up! But the man born Branson Ellery made good use of his time in the slammer: according to an exclusive interview with Vice, he wrote an entire album while incarcerated. That album is called Searching Souls, it’s coming out in April, and Mr. Son describes it as, “a lot better and heavier than my previous stuff.” He wrote nine songs while in jail — “I had nothing to do but write cool songs. I wrote all the lyrics and the song ideas.” — and he’s been recording them since he got out.

You really oughtta read the whole interview yourself — it’s full of gold — but I’ll tease you with this nugget:

Do you think you’re destined for fame?
100%. I’ve been laying in front of fucking stereos since I was two years old, drumming on pots and pans at three, got my first drum kit when I was five, started guitar when I was seven.

Is that why you’ve got so much ink? To burn your bridges so you have nowhere else to go?
Yeah. I knew I was never going to do a normal job or anything, because I knew I was going to be fully dedicated to music. I was going make it hard for myself and just cover myself in tattoos so there was no other option. I just didn’t care. I knew I was doing music, so it didn’t matter what I looked like, and appearing like this would also help for the genre of music it is now. It makes a statement.

Read the full interview here.

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