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Abiotic Go All Weedily-Weedily on “The Absence of Purity”


Abiotic - CasuistryCast Into the Depths,” the first song Abiotic released from their new album Casuistry, was, as Sir Axl Rosenberg put it, “hot hot hot.” This is the Abiotic I like best: gnarly, rancid, and uncompromisingly heavy for the sole sake of being uncompromisingly heavy.

The newest track, “The Absence of Purity” — which premiered in playthrough video form via Guitar World earlier today — doesn’t quite tickle me in that same way. Instead of being brutal as fuqq it’s all weedily-weedily tech-death, and lettuce be cereal, no disrespect meant to the very talented dudes in Abiotic but no one is ever going to out-class Obscura, Psycroptic or Gorod at that game. But the song is not without merit: I particularly dig the twin guitar solo that starts around 1:40 — it’s crafty.

Hopefully Casuistry has more of the former in store me… and knowing these guys, I’m pretty sure that it will. The album comes out on April 21st via Metal Blade. Pre-order here.

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