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Varg Vikernes on “How to Attract a Good Wife” and the Benefits of Eugenics

  • Axl Rosenberg

Varg Valentine

“It has ALWAYS been hard for men to find good women. That is part of the ‘natural selection’ process.

“…a process that, by the way, is important for the quality of our race.”

I know what you’re thinking, but no, the above quote is not from Dr. Drew: it’s from Varg Vikernes, black metal legend (for killing a man as much as for his musical contributions, but whatever I guess), white supremacist, creator of table-top games, and lover of women and Papyrus font alike.

Due to popular demand (by the voices in his head), Vikernes has made a new video entitled “The Key to Good Women’s Hearts,” in which he offers romantic advice to a soothing soundtrack of piano music that sounds like it was taken from a horror movie, complete with the inexplicable sounds of little girls giggling in the background. The gist of the advice is that women are possessions to be won by the most successful (or “heroic”) men, which is because it helps to keep “our race” (I’m guessing he means non-Jewish caucasians, but maybe I’m reading too much into that?) strong. He also advocates taking fairy tales at their literal, face value, which is odd, because I thought this dude hates The Bible, which is consists of nothing but fairy tales.

ANYWAY, Vikernes’ wife, Marie Cachet, is very attractive in a Eva Braun-Hitler kinda way, and if there’s one word we’d all use to describe Varg, it is definitely “heroic.” So I guess the dude knows what he’s talking about!

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