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This New Minsk Track is Incredible.


Minsk - The Crash & The DrawI am in hook, line and sinker on the new Minsk album The Crash & The Draw, and I’ve barely even heard any of it! The band released a short album trailer about a month ago which featured clips of every song, and although I usually can’t get into album trailers (such teases!) it had enough meat on its bones to make an impression. Now we finally get to hear an entire new song, “The Way is Through,” which premiered today on Steel For Brains, and it’s arresting, gorgeous, brutal and mesmerizing all the same, a full journey throughout the song’s nine-plus minutes.

This version of Minsk, of course, is 3/5ths different than the one that recorded 2009’s With Echoes in the Movement of Stone. But Chris Bennett and Tim Mead — the sole two remaining members from that album — don’t seem to be deterred one bit. If anything, their vision is more clear than ever: this track is solid in every way, start to finish, front to back.

Stream it below. The Crash & The Draw comes out on April 7 via Relapse Records (pre-order here).

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