Phil Anselmo Is Making Music With Horror Royalty


moseleyanselmoAnyone familiar with Phil Anselmo knows he’s a hardcore horror hound. The dude has his own annual horror festival. Well, now it looks like he’s making music with the genre’s finest.

In an interview with actor/musician Bill Moseley (known for portraying Choptop in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II and Otis Firefly in Rob Zombie’s The House Of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects) let slip that he’ll be making music with the Down frontman. The PRP reports:

“Just actually last week I was down in Louisiana working with a guy named Phil Anselmo. Phil was in a band called Pantera, and now has a band called Down…

The music that I made with Phil Anselmo, we’re gonna put out like a mini-cd. We did four songs in like three days. The album is going to be called ‘Phil And Bill,’ it’s ‘Phil & Bill: Songs Of Death And Despair.’ So that oughta be another cheerful, cheerful, addition to the music world.”

Moseley doesn’t elaborate on the kind of music he and Phil will be putting out, but given the sheer collective southern fried extremity of these dudes’ pasts — Moseley also plays in a band with Buckethead named Cornbugs — it will most likely slay.

Will this spark a territorial feud with director Rob Zombie? We can only hope.

Phil Anselmo Is Making Music With Horror Royalty

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