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Members of Bay Area Tech/Prog Scene Start The Brian Shields Grant


brianshieldsgrantMany MetalSucks readers may know Brian Shields, proprietor of and contributor to Heavy Blog Is Heavy, as the guy who blew up Rings Of Saturn for potentially recording their album at half speed. But to many members of the Bay Area tech/prog metal scene, Brian was a promoter of interesting new music and a staunch supporter of young, burgeoning talent.

Sadly, Brian passed away this February at the age of 53. But according to Metal Insider, members of Wings Denied, The Contortionist, Abiotic, and Intronaut are crowdsourcing The Brian Shields Grant. Once it has reached its $6,500 goal, the grant will give two unsigned bands funding to help them navigate the obstacles of touring.

As a music writer and metalhead, I find this kind of thing deeply heartwarming. To know that these bands will both honor someone who championed them, and that they’ll do so by helping other burgeoning acts get their start on the road, makes me proud to be a part of this community.

You can donate to the Brian Shields Grant at this Indiegogo page.

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