FINALLY, We’ll All Be Able to Watch Chris Holmes Embarrass His Mother in Hi-Def

  • Axl Rosenberg

the decline of western civilization trilogy blu rayPenelope Spheeris’ entire The Decline of Western Civilization trilogy of documentaries are coming to Blu-ray. The first one, about the L.A. punk scene in the eighties (Black Flag, Fear, The Circle Jerks, etc.), is swell, and I’ve actually never seen the final one, about homeless gutter punks. But, as is so often the case with trilogies, the middle chapter is best: that one, of course, is the infamous The Metal Years.

There is a LOT to enjoy about The Metal Years, from KISS’ Paul Stanley hilariously overcompensating to combat all those rumors that he’s gay to Ozzy Osbourne demonstrating a total inability to so much as pour orange juice without his hand shaking. But by far the best part is one every metal knows (or should know): then-W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes embarrassing his mother by getting totally sloshed in a pool while she watches, and admitting that he’s a lush.

This interview is especially schadenfreudian because Holmes has always been a dick…

…and because Holmes never got better; he aged into a sad, talentless racist, who is only famous only for making hilariously bad music videos and storming the MetalSucks comments section with his wife. So it’s totally okay to laugh at him while he breaks his poor mother’s heart.

These movies have never on Blu-ray before, and I don’t believe The Metal Years even made it to DVD. So this will basically be your first chance since it was in theaters to see the flick and actually be able to, like, see it. The Blu-ray set also arrives with some sweet bonus features, like some interviews with director Penelope Spheeris, new footage and outtakes (please please please let there be more of Holmes being a jackass), and, perhaps best of all, audio commentary by one Mr. Dave Grohl (who has nothing to do with the movies — he’s just a fan).

It comes out June 30 on Shout! Factory. Pre-order it here.

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