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Holy Shit You Guys This New Minsk Album!


Minsk - The Crash & The DrawI wish I could pick every single one of you by the short and curlies and decree you listen to the new Minsk album, because HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS, THIS RECORD!

It’s that good, and most impressively, it casts an incredibly wide net that’ll appeal to fans of seemingly disparate metal sub-genres: there’s stuff here that’ll draw in fans of The Ocean, Weedeater, Neurosis and Behemoth alike. Sorry, Cannibal Corpse fans, I guess there’s nothing for you here… I mean, I loves me some Cannibal Corpse, but who listens to death metal all day every day anyway?

Today brings us “When the Walls Fell,” via Stereogum, the second song we’re hearing from The Crash & The Draw after “The Way is Through” dropped earlier this month. It’s gigantic, expansive, hypnotic, crushing and hypnotizing all the same, but the truth is I can’t describe it in words any better than I’ve already attempted to. Just press play below, mmkay? Trust yer Uncle Vince on this one.

The Crash & The Draw comes out on April 7 via Relapse Records (pre-order here).

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