Psychedelic Music Video Week Continues with Today is the Day’s “Heathen”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Today is the Day Heathen VideoDid The Heavy Metal Illuminati all get together and hotbox someone’s tour van this week? Did someone spike their Jägerbombs with LSD? Or is there just something in the air (besides copious amounts of pollen, I mean)?

Regardless of the reason, we’ve gotten three super-trippy metal videos this week: first there was Pallbearer’s “Watcher in the Dark,” then there was Behemoth’s “Messe Noire,” and now Bloody Disgusting has premiered a Neil Barrett-directed clip for Today is the Day’s “Heathen.”

Not that I’m complaining! Something these videos all have in common besides the acid trip visuals is that they’re all for good songs from cool bands, and they’re all actually good.

They’re also all different enough that they don’t feel redundant. Whereas Pallbearer’s video is deliberate and detached and Behemoth’s video is brooding and nightmarish, Today is the Day’s offering is schizophrenic and tortured. It mixes primal (dare I say Jungian?), often religious imagery with neon colors and coked-up editing (it arrives with a warning that the “video may cause distress to viewers who suffer from seizures”) to create a kind of hypnotically terrifying stereogram. It demands to be watched full-screen, not as a little window surrounded by other shit.

Check out “Heathen” below. It appears on TITD’s Animal Mother, which is out now on Southern Lord. The band will start a tour with Lazer/Wülf later this month; get dates here.

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