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Listen: Outre’s Most Rad Ghost Chants

  • Anso DF


It’s great when your high hopes aren’t misplaced. That’s the lesson from Outre’s new album, Ghost Chants, which we first got excited about in January. Here in April, we now know that it rips. That’s its own achievement — one that grows exponentially for an album that seems to taunt failure. That is, one might accuse Outre of overreaching, so many are Ghost Chants‘ lunges and pauses and so casual are its detours. And a fan might sniff at its tame sonics, its devotion to tidiness when its tale may have been best told with abandon. Finally, another hurdle must be vaulted by listeners who don’t really vibe on black metal descended from King Diamond — say, Carach Angren and Cradle Of Filth — and its relation to a YA Halloween radio play on fast-forward. That’s what may oppose you on your path to love Ghost Chants. But none of it will ever occur to you again:

Outre’s Ghost Chants is out now via Godz Ov War and Third Eye Temple. Order here.

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