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Hogslayer Appeals To The Butcher In Us All


hogslayer-promo-01There’s a j0ke in the comic book Preacher, when the vampire Cassidy is talking about meeting Dylan Thomas, that goes something like this: “Ever met a Welshman? No? Ever eaten a leek? Same thing.”

Well, Hogslayer are from Cardiff, and they don’t sound like leeks. These Welshmen sound like huge slabs of bloody meat that have hung out in the sun too long and developed an off-color crust on their surfaces. These guys play big, swinging sludge along the lines of Rwake, Hivesmasher, or the first Coliseum album. They were only brought to our attention yesterday, but you’ll probably be hearing us rave about them more in the near future.

Hogslayer’s new album, Defacer, comes out May 4th on Undergroove Records. Check out their creepy video for “Despiser” below.

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