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New Randy Blythe Vocals Are On Their Way, But Not With Lamb Of God


blytheThe PRP reports that Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe is recording vocals — just not for his own band.

Blythe posted the picture below on his Instagram stating that he’ll be doing vocals for North Carolina sludge metallers Sourvein on their upcoming album, Aquatic Occult.

I know we all want a new Lamb of God album, but I think this is a good idea on Blythe’s part. Writing a book is no easy task, and it helps to take a step away from a project. That way the material remains interesting and fresh, and you don’t hate the process of editing, which is often even harder than writing. And it doesn’t help that Sourvein fucking slay, and that they’re right up Blythe’s alley stylistically.

Check out Randy’s post below. Aquatic Occult will be produced by Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity, and should be out this summer.

Amongst reading the page proofs of my book & getting the final edit and design version of that approved, getting all the photos ready for my gallery show, dealing with my band on the creative end & all the endless crap that comes with that, and doing press for my book, photo show, and upcoming band tours, I decided I needed a break. Where does an overloaded writer/photographer/musician/creative type go when he needs a break? To the studio to work on SOMEBODY ELSE’S project, of course! Here’s my buddy T-Roy of Cape Fear, NC’s infamous Sourvein tracking vocals for their new record, Aquatic Occult, which will be coming out later this year on @MetalBladeRecords. I love the lines in this photo! I went down to Raleigh, NC where Sourvein were tracking & added a little Randy into the mix- the record will have guest vocals by me on a song, a spoken word bit on another, a creepy organ part I wrote on another, and some samples I collected where ever T-Roy decides to put ’em. I have deep roots in the Cape Fear, so when it calls, I answer. It was good to hang with my homie, & I’m looking forward to @sourveinofficials new album when it drops- bringing the Southern heavy vibe to Metal Blade! Plus, it gave me a chance to work with Sourvein’s producer for this album, who is a PUNK ROCK LEGEND & has been a HUGE influence on me as a vocalist since I was in high school…

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