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Nothing Like A Metalcore Cover of The Police’s “Roxanne” To Make You Wonder If God Is Dead


thepolicemetalcoreThere’s a lot of music out there that I would never cover as metal. Like Portishead, or Bad Rabbits. Why even bother? No one ever thought, “Hey, what if we had Barry White’s ‘Can’t Get Enough’, but with guttural vocals?”

But Canadian metalcore act Tactus disagree, apparently, because they’ve just released a metal cover of “Roxanne”, the classic Police song. It’s pretty much what you’d expect — standard breakdowns, high vocals on the main vocal part, and of course some dude bellowing, “PUT ON THE RED LIGHT!”

Thing is, it’s not like this subject matter isn’t metal. Iron Maiden’s “22 Acacia Avenue” is sort of about the same things. But why do a metal vocal rendition of Sting? Why do that to us?

Anyway, listen to the track below, and remember, PUT ON THE RED LIGHT!

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