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Scott Weiland Uses The Five Finger Death Punch Excuse


Scott Weiland is ConfusedThe other night in Corpus Christi, Scott Weiland delivered a glassy-eyed, monotone performance of STP’s “Vasoline.” And today Loudwire reports that much like Five Finger Death Punch’s recent meltdown, Weiland’s deadpan performance was apparently caused by, yup, equipment failure.

In a recent interview with WXMX-FM 98.1 The Max, Weiland said:

Well basically, I guess the only thing I want people to know is that show in Corpus Christi that got put up on TMZ, I didn’t have in-ears that were working, so my inner monitors were completely out, so I had no way of hearing himself. So that’s the reason it wasn’t a good show for me, because my equipment wasn’t working.

Sorry, but that’s some horseshit. “Vasoline” came out in 1994, meaning Weiland has sung it a million times by now. Are we really supposed to believe that after all this time, he needs to be able to hear himself to stay in key, or look enthused, or act like a human being?

And then, of course, there’s the PR response:

A rep for Weiland issued a statement to TMZ… explaining that it was a “perfect storm” of Weiland being tired and having a couple of drinks before the show.

Right, so, it’s fair to assume that one of the following things really happened: Weiland was either super fucked-up and couldn’t remember how to sing his own song, or he was pissed off about having to play a big hit by the band he’s no longer with and screwed it up to display his disdain. Or both!

Check out the full interview below.

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