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Here’s A New Gorgoroth Track to Impale a Pig’s Head On Your Friday

It’s been a bizarre couple of years for controversial Norwegian black metallers Gorgoroth. After founding member Infernus won the rights to the band’s name,  the band quickly put out a decent album and then rerecorded one of their classic records, all of which felt a little like a scramble to make something of the legal battle the band found themselves embroiled in.
But apparently, Gorgoroth has a new album due out this year, Instinctus Bestialis, and they’re streaming a new track, “Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus.” Listen below.
This song isn’t anything mind-blowing, and there are a ton of black metal bands out there doing things more daring and interesting than this, but man, sometimes it’s good to just bang your head to some evil chug-along black metal where the vocalist is yelling, “HAIL SATAN!” over and over. And that’s what Gorgoroth’s always been about, right? No one puts on a Gorgoroth album to have their mind expanded, they want leather gauntlets and pentagrams and skinned pigs’ heads on spikes.
Instinctus Bestialis comes out June 8 on Soulseller Records. Praise Satan.
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