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Forget F*ck/Marry/Kill, Graveworm Prefer “Blood/Torture/Death”



There’s a new song streaming by Italian melodic death metal merchants Graveworm called “Blood/Torture/Death.” Listen to it below.

Man, it’s so easy to hate on melodic death metal with clean production. It became so bloated and overdone in the early 2000s; suddenly, every band wanted to be an Arch Enemy clone with a terribly-Photoshopped cover. Remember In Thy Dreams and The Forsaken? I hope not.

All that said, this shit rules. It has all the right ingredients of decent melodeath, and has just enough of a black metal influence to keep it from being your typical Swedish slugfest. I’m officially impressed.

Graveworm’s new album, Ascending Hate, hits shelves in the US on July 17. Apparently, you should check it out.

[via Metal Underground]

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