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Nuclear Assault: An Analog Band in a Digital World?


Nuclear Assault - PounderI’m loathe to say anything about Nuclear Assault because in a world overflowing with Attilas and Emmures and nu-metal revivalists, I truly believe they’re on the good guys’ team.

But I find their new single, “Analog Man in a Digital World,” to be pretty lackluster.

Why? I mean, it’s not as though they’ve deviated from their sound: “Analog” is pure thrash madness.

Still, it seems to be lacking that certain bite which made Nuclear Assault Nuclear Assault. The production sounds thin, and John Connelly’s vocals have been smoothed out, and are now missing their signature snarl.

Am I nuts? Listen to “Analog Man in a Digital World” below and see what you think. It’ll appear on Nuclear Assault’s new EP, Pounder, which received its digital release today.

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