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The Darkness: What Do You Think Of The New Album?


The Darkness Justin Hawkins

A songwriter is like a fancy, trained dancer. The best of each leads the attention of their audience to familiar points, predictable places. If they discard form and just freak out all over, it is called avant garde. If they hit those marks pleasurably, it’s doubly laudable, so strict is each discipline’s conventions. Like a really excellent chocolate chip cookie or a joke by Garry Shandling. These are the best things on earth.

Few can claim authorship of songs as pleasurable as Justin Hawkins’. You can tell he’s into Queen (unusual structures, grandiosity), Back In Black (ribaldry, awesome guitar solos), and on their new album’s finale, their 2013 tourmate Lady Gaga. So he’s a fantastic “dancer,” per our intro analogy (above). He’s an awesome dancer in the literal sense too. That new album is called Last Of Our Kind, dance along with it below (via Exclaim).

The Darkness’ Last Of Our Kind came out yesterday via Kobalt. Get it here. Image: Justin Hawkins instagram.

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